23 Ways To Make Extra Income

​Have you tried keeping your expenditure to the minimum but still can’t seem to save enough to set aside for your emergency funds? Let alone money to start investing?Well, if you have tried all sorts of ways to scrimp and save but you still feel it’s not enough, then you may have an issue with your income.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to make money outside of your full time job.

Here are 23 ideas for you.

Provide Services

1. Photography

All you need is a decent camera (phone cameras don’t count!), basic understanding of photography rules and principles, experience with photo-editing programs and you can start earning money taking photos.

If you intend to pursue your own photography business, you can upload your photos on your own website or on Flickr.

2. Writing

If you enjoy writing articles and blog posts, you can put your skills to work. You can offer to write for websites on the topic of your interest and get paid a fee for it.

Here are 20 sites that pay you for your writing.  

3. Design and Build Websites

Are you great in coding and enjoy building websites?

You can start your own website building and designing business, where you help individuals and businesses build websites.

You can even consider being a plugin developer for a blog site such as Weebly, and WordPress.
Run errands

4. Calligraphy

Are you skilled with a pen, a brush or have beautiful handwriting?

You can earn extra cash by offering calligraphy services. You can offer to write for big events such as weddings and birthdays.

Alternatively, you can also put your works online and offer them for sale!  

5. Art & Crafts

Whether you enjoy knitting, crafting wood, origami, accessories, there is a likely market for your creations!

Sell your Art & Crafts online platforms such as Etsy.

6. Be an extra

If you have always wanted to be the next Brad Pitt or your favourite TV/Movie celebrity, providing acting services is a good way to start.

Check out thepeoplestudio

7. Cooking

Are you great in cooking? Do you aspire to be your favourite celebrity chef? Get paid being a home chef!

Work from home at your own time and use your own equipments to make meals or hungry people!
Check out sendhelper.

8. Baby Sitting

If you love interacting with babies, then baby-sitting could be an option you can consider!
You can place your baby sitting services on sites like Findananny or join a baby sitting company like Nannysos!

9. Pet Sitting

If you prefer to take care with your favourite animals, pet sitting is a great way to make extra money.

Check out Pawshake and sgpetbuddies

10. Become a Virtual Assistant

Work anywhere in the world. All you need is just an internet connection. Virtual Assistant’s job scope varies but most require just administrative work for a business or an individual.
Check out this site for freelance work freelancer.

11. Online Surveys

Another way to work from home is participating in online surveys!
Check out this site for a list of online survey websites.

12. Focus Groups

A focus group is a group of people gathered to participate in a discussion and provide feedback about a product before it is launched.

If you prefer to participate in research projects, and a chance to make more friends, you can consider focus groups!

Check out this site for focus groups in Singapore.

13. Be a Driver

If you own a car or would like to own a car for a cheaper price, being a driver can help to offset the car ownership costs!

Work at your own terms and get the benefits of owning a car too!

UberGrab and Ryde are great companies to start off wide.

14. Teach Online

Interested in a subject and love sharing your knowledge? Then you might want to consider selling courses online! Get paid while making a difference in people’s lives.

One popular site for creating and selling courses is Udemy.

15. Private Tutor

If you prefer to teach your students in person, you can consider becoming a private tutor.

A good place to list tutor ads is gumtree.

Sell Products

16. Sell old electronics

​Do you have unwanted laptops, mobile devices, TVs and other electronic devices?

1 popular place to sell your second hand stuff is cashconverter.

For more ideas on where to sell your old electronics, check out this post.

17. Sell photos online

Selling your photographs online, whether you are a professional or amateur can be a great source of income! You can sell your photos through stock photography websites such as istockphoto.com.

Check out this site where they show you 12 places to sell your photographs.

18. Sell your textbooks and notes 

Do you have textbooks that you don’t need and read anymore? It’s time to get rid of them and make some money by selling them on online platforms like Carousell.

You can even list them in Facebook groups related to your school and course!

19. Sell your old clothes

​There are a couple of ways you can sell your clothes. You can do it through online platforms like Carousell, or through facebook groups like Swap and Buy Facebook Group.

You can even rent a space in a flea market or rent a store!
Check this post out where they shared more ways on how to sell your clothes.

20. Write and publish a Kindle Ebook

Create an ebook and publish it in Amazon! Creating ebooks is a great way to establish your credibility and generate passive income for yourself. You don’t have to face much hassle when you publish your ebook too.

21. Affiliate Marketing

Sell and promote other people’s products through your own blog or website! You get paid a cut of the commissions when a customer buys a product.

ClickBank , Qoo10 and Amazon are good affiliate programs to start!

Rent out             

22. Rent out your car

If you own a car, you can earn money whenever you’re not using it to reduce your car ownership costs!
Check out this icarsclub.

23. Rent out your house/room

If you own a home, you may consider renting out your empty rooms that are not occupied by you. This provides a passive stream of income and may be even enough to pay your monthly housing loan instalments!

You can consult a property agent or choose to do it yourself using mobile apps such as ohmyhome.


There are plenty of ways to make money, sometimes it’s just our laziness and lack of discipline that gets in the way. 

Remember, if you put in the hard work at the start, you will enjoy the fruits of your labour. imagesource: Shutterstock

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