Meet Geraint Liu



Top Rookie 2018

1st in the Company

Premier Award 2018

Top 20% of the whole industry.

MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) 2019

Top 5% of Financial Services Professionals Worldwide

COT (Court of Table) 2020

Top 2% of Financial Services Professionals Worldwide

Master Associate 2020

1st in the Company

Financial Services Manager 2020



  • Bachelor of Business (B.Bus) in Economics and Finance
  • Associate Financial Planner (AFP)
  • Associate Wealth Planner (AWP)
  • Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP)

Courses Attended

  • Value Investing Options & Value Investing Program – Mind Kinesis Value Investing Academy
  • Introduction to Corporate Finance – Wharton University of Pennsylvania​
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting – Wharton University of Pennsylvania
  • The Power of Macroeconomics: Economics Principles – University of California, Irvine​

My Story

Geraint is an Associate Partner with one of the leading Financial Institutions in the world, specializing in helping families create multiple streams of passive income.

He also specializes in helping aspiring Financial Advisors become the top 5% income earners through an attraction based business model.

After Geraint ORDed in 2015, he was clueless on which career he should embark on. He decided to work as an Admin for a period of time.

However he realized he wanted to do more with his life and decided to give financial services a shot.

After witnessing many of his loved ones suffer from listening to bad financial advice, he decided that his lifelong mission is to help as many people as possible make better financial decisions.

He strongly believes in developing long term relationships with his clients rather than just making a transaction and that everyone has the capability to achieve financial success, security and freedom if they made the right decisions time after time.

While he was a financial advisor, he entered into university too, trying to juggle both work and school commitments. For the first 2 years, he struggled as a financial advisor, earning only $9,000 in 2 years.

He then chanced upon this seminar where he was taught how to build a referral based business and that changed his life.

In 2019, he managed to hit his MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) within 10 months, which represents the top 5% of financial services professionals worldwide, where most of his clients came to him through referrals or social media.

In 2020, despite the COVID situation, he managed to hit his COT (Court of Table), which represents the top 2% of financial services professionals worldwide, while mentoring his company’s rookies and his own team of 5 advisors on the side.

He is dedicated to help aspiring financial advisors create an attraction based business model so that they don’t have to go through the same struggles he went through.

Having a learner’s mindset has also enabled him to study and adopt the best financial strategies abroad to help families achieve financial success, security and freedom.

Geraint is a firm believer in the values of integrity, respect and empathy and constantly strives for excellence and self-development for the benefit of his advisors and clients.