9 Smart Ways To Invest $300

"I don’t have enough money to invest!” That's one of the most common reasons and misconceptions for not starting to invest. Unfortunately, if you don't start now, you''ll be missing out on the most valuable resource you have, time. ​In this post, I'll share with you 9 places you

23 Ways To Make Extra Income

​Have you tried keeping your expenditure to the minimum but still can’t seem to save enough to set aside for your emergency funds? Let alone money to start investing?Well, if you have tried all sorts of ways to scrimp and save but you still feel

10 Best Passive Income Ideas For Your Retirement

Never have to worry about money during your retirement again with these 10 ideas! What is Passive Income? ​Passive income is often thought as having a stream of income without doing anything. Unfortunately, that's a common misconception. ​Creating passive income requires you to have at least one of the

How Much Do You Really Need For Retirement?

How do you calculate how much you need for your own retirement? I share with you 3 methods how.This is probably one of the most common questions in everyone's mind, so I’d like to answer it in this post. Unfortunately, I’m unable to give you a

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

Paying off your mortgage sounds great, but are you making the wisest choice?Here are the pros and cons if you decide to pay your mortgage early. Paying Off Early Pros: Peace of Mind Paying off your mortgage is liberating. It provides you with a peace of mind and reduces

5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Estate Planning

“Estate planning? What’s that? Real Estate?”That’s the most frequent question I get. Another common misconception on Estate Planning is that it’s only for the rich. Well the truth is estate planning has nothing to do with property and you do not have to be rich to plan