How Much Do You Need For Your First Home?

Are you ready for one of your biggest investments of your lifel?!Since everybody’s dream home and financial situation is different, I figured that it’ll be better to teach you how to do the calculations yourself for your own situation and provide you with an example.​I’ll

9 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Income Taxes

How do you survive in "The Most Expensive City In The World"? Well, here's one simple way, reduce your taxes! Here are 9 ways to help you save on your income taxes. 1. Claim All Appropriate Tax Relief First, any type of tax reliefs that apply to you,

4 Useful Housing Rule of Thumbs

Should I rent or should I buy? When should I refinance my loan? How much should I spend on my dream home?Here are 4 handy rule of thumbs that could provide with you the answers to your questions.  1. Rule of 15 Have you ever wondered whether it